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Rick Weaver

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God's Perfect Plan

Vocal - Tommy Marshall

Organ - Sean Durham

Piano - Rick Weaver


Verse 1:

How hard it must have been to send your only Son

Knowing how he'd suffer and die for everyone

And how hard it must have been to see Him crucified

But You knew, Oh God, that in three days He would rise



Rise over sin declaring to all men

that there is a way to return unto Him

Jesus, God's perfect plan


Verse 2:

Now we look all around at the signs of the end

knowing He's returning to draw us unto Him

But with victory over satan and the schemes he's devised

This church long so silent with a shout we're going to



Rise in the air to meet our Savior there

He'll take us to that place He had gone to prepare

Fulfilling God's perfect plan

Oh Jesus, Gods perfect plan



©1989 Rick Weaver