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My Movie Library

Title# of DiscsGenreDisc Type
007 - Die Another Day2ActionDVD
10,000 B.C.1FantasyDVD
100 Feet1HorrorDVD
13 Going On 301ComedyDVD
2001 - A Space Odyssey1EpicDVD
2010 - The Year We Make Contact1Science FictionDVD
28 Days Later1HorrorDVD
28 Weeks Later1Science FictionDVD
30 Days of Night1HorrorDVD
40 Year Old Virgin1ComedyDVD
50 First Dates1ComedyDVD
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon1DocumentaryDVD
A Hard Days Night2MusicDVD
A History of Violence1DramaDVD
A J Reveals the Truth About Golf (Parts 1,2 and 3)1InstructionalDVD
A J Reveals the Truth About Putting1InstructionalDVD
A J Reveals the Truth About The Driver (Parts 1 and 2)1InstructionalDVD
A J Reveals the Truth About The Short Game1InstructionalDVD
A Knight's Tale1DramaDVD
A Nightmare on Elm Street1HorrorDVD
A Perfect Getaway1DramaDVD
A Scanner Darkly1Science FictionDVD
A Sound of Thunder1Science FictionDVD
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter3Fantasy3D Blu-Ray
AC/DC - Live at Donington1ConcertDVD
Across the Universe1MusicDVD
Across the Universe1MusicBlu-Ray
Aeon Flux1Science FictionDVD
Alex Cross1DramaDVD
Alice in Wonderland1Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Alien -11Science FictionDVD
Alien -2- Aliens1Science FictionDVD
Alien -31Science FictionDVD
Alien -4- Alien Resurrection1Science FictionDVD
Alien vs. Predator1Science FictionDVD
Alien vs. Predator - Requiem1Science FictionDVD
All In - Auburn's Undefeated 2010 Season1DocumentaryDVD
All The Boys Love Mandy Lane1HorrorBlu-Ray
All This and World War Too1DocumentaryDVD
Alone in the Dark2FantasyDVD
Along Came A Spider1SuspenseDVD
Along Came Polly1ComedyDVD
Almost Human3Science FictionDVD
Altered States1Science FictionDVD
Amityville Horror (2005)1HorrorDVD
An American Wedding2ComedyDVD
An American Werewolf in London1HorrorDVD
Angel Eyes1DramaDVD
Angel Eyes1DramaDVD
Angel of Death1DramaDVD
Angels and Demons2DramaDVD
Animal House - Double Secret Probation Edition1ComedyDVD
Apocalypse Now - The Complete Dossier2DramaDVD
Apollo 181Science FictionDVD
Are We There Yet?1ComedyDVD
Armageddon1Science FictionDVD
Artificial Intelligence2Science FictionDVD
Avatar1Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Avatar1Science FictionDVD
Avengers - Blu-Ray 3D4Action3D Blu-Ray
Avenging Angelo1DramaDVD
Baby's Day Out1ComedyDVD
Back To The Future Trilogy4Science FictionDVD
Bad Boys1ActionDVD
Bad Boys -22ActionDVD
Bad Moon1HorrorDVD
Badder Santa1ComedyDVD
Bait1Horror3D Blu-Ray
Ballistic - Ecks vs. Sever1ActionDVD
Bangkok Dangerous1DramaDVD
Barbarella: Queen Of The Galaxy1Science FictionDVD
Basic Instinct2DramaDVD
Batman Begins1FantasyDVD
Battle: Los Angeles1Science FictionDVD
Beautiful Creatures1FantasyDVD
Because I Said So1RomanceDVD
Beverly Hills Cop1DramaDVD
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt1DramaDVD
Big Fish1FantasyDVD
Big Trouble In Little China1Martial ArtsDVD
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure1ComedyDVD
Billy Jack1DramaDVD
Black Mask1Martial ArtsDVD
Black Snake Moan1DramaDVD
Blade II2HorrorDVD
Blade III - Trinity2HorrorDVD
Blade Runner1Science FictionDVD
Blast From The Past1ComedyDVD
Blood and Chocolate1HorrorDVD
Blood Diamond1DramaDVD
Blood Rayne1HorrorDVD
Blown Away1SuspenseDVD
Blue Crush1SportsDVD
Blue Crush 21DramaDVD
Blue Thunder1ActionDVD
Bobby Jones - Stroke of Genius1DramaDVD
Body Heat1DramaDVD
Bones - Complete Season 14Television SeriesDVD
Bones - Complete Season 26Television SeriesDVD
Bones - Complete Season 36Television SeriesDVD
Bones - Complete Season 46Television SeriesDVD
Bones - Complete Season 54Television SeriesBlu-Ray
Bones - Complete Season 66Television SeriesDVD
Bones - Complete Season 74Television SeriesDVD
Bones - Complete Season 86Television SeriesDVD
Bones - Complete Season 96Television SeriesDVD
Bones - Complete Season 106Television SeriesDVD
Bones - Complete Season 116Television SeriesDVD
Bones - Complete Season 123Television SeriesDVD
Brainstorm1Science FictionDVD
Bring It On1ComedyDVD
Brother Dave Gardner1ComedyDVD
Bruce Almighty1ComedyDVD
Bug1Science FictionDVD
Bulletproof Monk1Martial ArtsDVD
Caddyshack - 20th Anniversary1ComedyDVD
Capricorn One1Science FictionDVD
Captain America - The First Avenger1Science FictionDVD
Carrie (1976)1HorrorDVD
Case 391HorrorDVD
Casino Royale2DramaDVD
Castle - Season 13DramaDVD
Castle - Season 25DramaDVD
Castle - Season 35DramaDVD
Castle - Season 45DramaDVD
Castle - Season 55Television SeriesDVD
Castle - Season 65Television SeriesDVD
Cat People1HorrorDVD
Charlie's Angels -12ActionDVD
Charlie's Angels -2- Full Throttle1ActionDVD
Cheaper By The Dozen1ComedyDVD
Chicago / Earth, Wind and Fire - Live At The Greek2ConcertDVD
Children of the Corn1HorrorDVD
Clash of the Titans1FantasyDVD
Close Encounters of the Third Kind1Science FictionDVD
Coach Carter1DramaDVD
Cocoon 1Science FictionDVD
Cocoon - The Return1Science FictionDVD
Cold Mountain1DramaDVD
Collateral Damage1ActionDVD
Concert For George Harrison2MusicDVD
Contact1Science FictionDVD
Cowboys and Aliens2Science FictionBlu-Ray
Cradle 2 The Grave1Martial ArtsDVD
Crank 2 - High Voltage1ActionDVD
Cream - Farewell Concert1ConcertDVD
Cry Wolf1HorrorDVD
Curdled (1996)1HorrorDVD
Daddy Day Care1ComedyDVD
Damien - Omen II1HorrorDVD
Dare Devil2Science FictionDVD
Darkness Falls1HorrorDVD
David Gilmour - Live at Royal Albert Hall1ConcertDVD
Dawn of the Dead (2004)1HorrorDVD
Days Of Thunder1DramaDVD
Dead Calm1ThrillerDVD
Dead Silence1HorrorDVD
Dead Zone1Science FictionDVD
Death Proof2Science FictionDVD
Death Race1ActionDVD
Deep Blue Sea1SuspenseDVD
Deep Impact1Science FictionDVD
Definitely, Maybe1ComedyDVD
Defying Gravity4Science FictionDVD
Déjà Vu1Science FictionBlu-Ray
Demolition Man1Science FictionDVD
Despicable Me 23Comedy3D Blu-Ray
Diary Of A Mad Black Woman1ComedyDVD
Die Hard1ActionBlu-Ray
Die Hard 2: Die Harder1ActionBlu-Ray
Die Hard 3: Die Hard With A Vengeance1ActionBlu-Ray
Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard1ActionBlu-Ray
Die Hard Collection4ActionBlu-Ray
District 91Science FictionDVD
Disturbia1Science FictionDVD
Divergent1Science FictionDVD
Dodge Ball1ComedyDVD
Doll House Season 14Science FictionDVD
Doll House Season 24Science FictionDVD
Don't Say A Word1DramaDVD
Doomsday1Science FictionDVD
Doomsday Prophecy1Science FictionDVD
Double Jeopardy1DramaDVD
Draft Day1Science FictionDVD
Drag Me to Hell1HorrorDVD
Dream Catcher1HorrorDVD
Dream House1HorrorDVD
Dreamscape1Science FictionDVD
Dredd1Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Drive Angry2Fantasy3D Blu-Ray
Drive Angry - Blu-Ray 3D2Fantasy3D Blu-Ray
Dumb and Dumber1ComedyDVD
E.T. The Extraterrestrial2Science FictionDVD
Eagle Eye1ActionDVD
Eagles - Farewell Tour 1 (Live from Melbourne)1ConcertDVD
Eddie And The Cruisers/Eddie and the Cruisers 21DramaDVD
Edge of Darkness1DramaDVD
Elektra1Martial ArtsDVD
Elektra LUXX1DramaDVD
Enemy Mine1Science FictionDVD
Eureka - Season 13Science FictionDVD
Event Horizon1Science FictionDVD
Evolution1Science FictionDVD
Ex Machina1Science FictionBlu-Ray
Eye See You1DramaDVD
Faces in the Crowd1DramaDVD
Failure to Launch1ComedyDVD
Fantastic 41ActionDVD
Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer1Science FictionDVD
Fast and Furious (2009)1ActionDVD
Fear Dot Com1HorrorDVD
Fear X1SuspenseDVD
Fearless - Jet Li1Martial ArtsDVD
Field of Dreams2FantasyDVD
Final Cut1Science FictionDVD
Final Destination1HorrorDVD
Final Destination 21HorrorDVD
Final Destination 31HorrorDVD
Final Destination 53Horror3D Blu-Ray
Final Destination 5 - Blu-Ray 3d3Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Fire Fly The Complete Series3Science FictionBlu-Ray
Fire Fly The Complete Series4Science FictionDVD
Flight of the Phoenix - 20041DramaDVD
Fool's Gold1ActionDVD
Forgetting Sarah Marshall1ComedyDVD
Forrest Gump1FantasyDVD
Four Brothers1DramaDVD
Fracture1Science FictionDVD
Freaky Friday1ComedyDVD
Freddie vs. Jason1HorrorDVD
Frequency1Science FictionDVD
Friday Night Lights1DramaDVD
Friday the 13th - 20091HorrorDVD
Fright Night 20111HorrorDVD
Fringe - Season 15Television SeriesDVD
Fringe - Season 24Television SeriesDVD
Fringe - Season 34Television SeriesDVD
Fringe - Season 44Television SeriesDVD
Fringe - Season 53Television SeriesDVD
From Dusk Till Dawn2DramaDVD
From Paris With Love1ActionDVD
G.I. Joe - Retaliation3Action3D Blu-Ray
G.I. Joe - The Rise of Cobra1ActionDVD
Galaxy Quest1Science FictionDVD
Gamer1Science FictionDVD
Genesis - Live at Wembley Stadium1MusicDVD
Ghost Rider1FantasyDVD
Ghost Rider - Spirit of Vengeance2Fantasy3D Blu-Ray
Ghost Ship1HorrorDVD
Glee - Season 16MusicDVD
Godzilla1Science FictionDVD
Godzilla 3D2Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Good Luck Chuck1ComedyDVD
Gran Torino1DramaDVD
Gravity3Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Green Lantern3Fantasy3D Blu-Ray
Grid Iron Gang1DramaDVD
Grimm Love1FantasyDVD
Guardians of the Galaxy2Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Guess Who1ComedyDVD
Halloween II (2009)1HorrorDVD
Hancock1Science FictionDVD
Hands Free Power (Golf Instruction)1InstructionalDVD
Hansel and Gretel - Witch Hunters3Fantasy3D Blu-Ray
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets1FantasyDVD
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 14Fantasy3D Blu-Ray
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 24Fantasy3D Blu-Ray
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire1FantasyDVD
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince1FantasyDVD
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix1FantasyDVD
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban1FantasyDVD
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone1FantasyDVD
Haven - Season 14Television SeriesBlu-Ray
Haven - Season 24Television SeriesBlu-Ray
Haven - Season 34Television SeriesBlu-Ray
Hell Boy1Science FictionDVD
Hell Boy II - The Golden Army1Science FictionDVD
Herbie Fully Loaded1ComedyDVD
Hero1Martial ArtsDVD
Heroes - Season 16Science FictionDVD
Heroes - Season 17Science FictionDVD
Heroes - Season 27Science FictionDVD
Heroes - Season 26Science FictionDVD
Heroes - Season 36Science FictionDVD
Heroes - Season 46Science FictionDVD
Hide and Seek1DramaDVD
Hit Man1ActionDVD
Hollow Man1Science FictionDVD
House of Wax1HorrorDVD
How The Grinch Stole Christmas1ComedyDVD
Hulk2Science FictionDVD
I Accuse1DramaDVD
I Am Legend1Science FictionDVD
I am Number Four1Science FictionDVD
I Spit on your Grave 20111DramaDVD
I, Frankenstein2Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
I, Robot1Science FictionDVD
I, Robot - 3D2Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Imagine - John Lennon1MusicDVD
Imposter1Science FictionDVD
Inception1Science FictionDVD
Independence Day1Science FictionDVD
Independence Day - Resurgence2Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull1ActionDVD
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade1ActionDVD
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark1ActionDVD
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom1ActionDVD
Inglorious Basterds1ActionDVD
Initiation of Sarah1FantasyDVD
Inside Man1DramaDVD
Interstellar2Science FictionBlu-Ray
Interview with the Vampire1HorrorDVD
Into The Blue1DramaDVD
Into the Woods1FantasyDVD
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)1Science FictionDVD
Iron Man1FantasyDVD
Iron Man 21ActionDVD
Jack Reacher1ActionDVD
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit1ActionDVD
Jake 2.0 - The Complete Series3Television SeriesDVD
Jaws - 25th Anniversary Edition1SuspenseDVD
Jaws - The Revenge1SuspenseDVD
Jeepers Creepers1HorrorDVD
Jeepers Creepers 21HorrorDVD
Jennifer's Body1HorrorDVD
Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt1DramaDVD
Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise1DramaDVD
Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost1DramaDVD
Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise1DramaDVD
Jesse Stone: Night Passage1DramaDVD
Jesse Stone: No Remorse1DramaDVD
Jesse Stone: Sea Change1DramaDVD
Jesse Stone: Stone Cold1DramaDVD
Jesse Stone: Thin Ice1DramaDVD
Jim Croce Live - Have You Heard1MusicDVD
John Doe - The Complete Series4Television SeriesDVD
John Wick1ActionDVD
John Wick - Chapter 23ActionBlu-Ray
Johnny Mnemonic1Science FictionDVD
Journey to the Center of the Earth - 20081Science FictionDVD
Julie and Julia1DramaDVD
Jumper1Science FictionDVD
Jumper1Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Jurassic Park -11ActionDVD
Jurassic Park -2- The Lost World1ActionDVD
Jurassic Park -31ActionDVD
Jurassic Park 3D3Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Jurassic World3Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Kill Bill Vol. 11Martial ArtsDVD
Kill Bill Vol. 21Martial ArtsDVD
King Arthur - Extended Version - Director's Cut1ActionDVD
King Kong (1976)1FantasyDVD
King Kong (2006)2FantasyDVD
Kingdom of Heaven1DramaDVD
Kiss of the Dragon1Martial ArtsDVD
Knocked Up1ComedyDVD
Knowing1Science FictionDVD
Ladder 491DramaDVD
Lady in the Water1FantasyDVD
Lakeview Terrace1DramaDVD
Lara Croft -1- Tomb Raider1FantasyDVD
Lara Croft -2- Cradle of Life1FantasyDVD
Law Abiding Citizen1DramaDVD
Legally Blonde 1ComedyDVD
Legally Blonde 21ComedyDVD
Let Me In1HorrorDVD
Lifeforce1Science FictionDVD
Little Black Book1RomanceDVD
Live 8 - July 2nd 20054ConcertDVD
Lockout1Science FictionDVD
Logan3Science FictionBlu-Ray
Logan's Run1Science FictionDVD
Lone Survivor1DramaDVD
Longest Yard - 20051ComedyDVD
Looker1Science FictionDVD
Looper1Science FictionDVD
Lord of the Rings -1- Fellowship of the Ring2FantasyDVD
Lord of the Rings -2- The Two Towers2FantasyDVD
Lord of the Rings -3- Return of the King2FantasyDVD
Lord of War2DramaDVD
Lost Boys1HorrorDVD
Lost Boys - The Thirst1FantasyBlu-Ray
Lost Boys - The Tribe1HorrorDVD
Lost In Space1Science FictionDVD
Lucy2Science FictionBlu-Ray
Maid In Manhattan1ComedyDVD
Man of the House1ComedyDVD
Man on a Ledge1DramaDVD
Man On Fire1DramaDVD
Mars Attacks1Science FictionDVD
Master and Commander1DramaDVD
Max Payne1ActionDVD
Men In Black 31Science FictionDVD
Men In Black II2Science FictionDVD
Miami Vice1DramaDVD
Millennium1Science FictionDVD
Million Dollar Baby1DramaDVD
Mind Hunters1DramaDVD
Minority Report2Science FictionDVD
Miss Congeniality1ComedyDVD
Miss Congeniality 2 - Armed and Fabulous1ComedyDVD
Mission Impossible 31ActionDVD
Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol1ActionBlu-Ray
Mission To Mars1Science FictionDVD
Moms Night Out1ComedyBlu-Ray
Moon1Science FictionDVD
Moulin Rouge1MusicDVD
Move it Up and Move it Out1InstructionalDVD
Mr. and Mrs. Smith1ActionDVD
Murder By Numbers1SuspenseDVD
Music and Lyrics1RomanceDVD
Must Love Dogs1ComedyDVD
My Bloody Valentine1Horror3D Blu-Ray
My Bloody Valentine1HorrorAnaglyph 3D
My Soul To Take1HorrorDVD
Mystic River1DramaDVD
National Treasure1AdventureDVD
NCIS: New Orleans - Season 16Television SeriesDVD
Next1Science FictionDVD
Night at the Museum1FantasyDVD
Nightmares & Dreamscapes - Stephen King 3FantasyDVD
Nim's Island1FantasyDVD
No Escape1DramaDVD
No Strings Attached1ComedyDVD
Norah Jones and The Handsome Band - Live in 20041ConcertDVD
Nowhere Boy1DramaDVD
Numbers - Season 14DramaDVD
Numbers - Season 26DramaDVD
Numbers - Season 36DramaDVD
Numbers - Season 45DramaDVD
Numbers - Season 56DramaDVD
Numbers - Season 64DramaDVD
O Brother, Where Art Thou?1ComedyDVD
Oblivion1Science FictionDVD
Oceans 121DramaDVD
Outland1Science FictionDVD
Outlander (2009)1Science FictionDVD
Pacific Rim4Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Pandorium1Science FictionDVD
Panic Room1SuspenseDVD
Paranormal Activity1Science FictionDVD
Paranormal Activity 21Science FictionDVD
Paranormal Activity 31HorrorBlu-Ray
Paranormal Activity 31Science FictionDVD
Passenfers (2017)3Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Paul McCartney - Back in the U.S.A.1MusicDVD
Paul McCartney - Live At The Cavern1MusicDVD
Paul Williams - Still Alive1DocumentaryDVD
Paycheck1Science FictionDVD
Pearl Harbor2DramaDVD
Perfect Pitch1MusicDVD
Perfect Strangers1DramaDVD
Pet Sematery1HorrorDVD
Peterson's Drop and Pop (Golf Instruction)1InstructionalDVD
Phone Booth1DramaDVD
Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii (from Laserdisc)1MusicDVD
Pink Floyd - Live in Concert (A Delicate Sound of Thunder)1ConcertDVD
Pink Floyd - The Making Of "The Dark Side Of The Moon"1ConcertDVD
Piranha1Horror3D Blu-Ray
Piranha 3DD - Blu-Ray 3D3Horror3D Blu-Ray
Pirate Radio1ComedyDVD
Pirates of the Caribbean 1FantasyDVD
Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End1FantasyDVD
Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest1FantasyDVD
Pitch Black1Science FictionDVD
Pitch Perfect1MusicDVD
Pitch Perfect 22MusicBlu-Ray
Planet of the Apes -1- The Original1Science FictionDVD
Planet of the Apes -2- Beneath The Planet of the Apes1Science FictionDVD
Planet of the Apes -3- Escape From The Planet of the Apes1Science FictionDVD
Planet of the Apes -4- Conquest Of The Planet of the Apes1Science FictionDVD
Planet of the Apes -5- Battle For The Planet of the Apes1Science FictionDVD
Planet of the Apes -6- Behind The Planet of the Apes1DocumentaryDVD
Planet of the Apes -7- 20011Science FictionDVD
Planet Terror1HorrorDVD
Poltergeist 2015 - Extended Cut1HorrorDVD
Predator2Science FictionDVD
Predator 21Science FictionDVD
Predator 3D2Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Predators1Science FictionDVD
Premonition1Science FictionDVD
Prom Night1HorrorDVD
Prometheus - Blu-Ray 3D4Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Push1Science FictionDVD
Quantum of Solace7ActionDVD
Quarantine 2: Terminal1Science FictionDVD
Queen On Fire - Live at the Bowl2MusicDVD
Raw Deal1ActionDVD
Red Dawn1DramaDVD
Red Eye1DramaDVD
Red Planet1Science FictionDVD
Red Riding Hood1FantasyDVD
Repo Men1Science FictionDVD
Resident Evil1Science FictionDVD
Resident Evil : Apocalypse2Science FictionDVD
Resident Evil : Extinction1Science FictionDVD
Resident Evil : Retribution2Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Resident Evil: Afterlife1Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Return To Me1ComedyDVD
Riding the Bullet - Stephen King1HorrorDVD
Rise - Blood Hunger1FantasyDVD
Rise of the Planet of the Apes 20111Science FictionDVD
Rizzoli & Isles - Season 13Television SeriesDVD
Rizzoli & Isles - Season 23Television SeriesDVD
Rizzoli & Isles - Season 33Television SeriesDVD
Rizzoli & Isles - Season 44Television SeriesDVD
Rizzoli & Isles - Season 53Television SeriesDVD
Rizzoli & Isles - Season 64Television SeriesDVD
Robocop - 20141Science FictionDVD
Rollerball - 19751FantasyDVD
Rollerball - 20021FantasyDVD
Romeo Must Die1Martial ArtsDVD
Room in Rome1DramaDVD
Rose Red1HorrorDVD
Roy Orbison - Black & White Night1ConcertDVD
Runaway Jury1DramaDVD
Rush Hour1ActionDVD
Rush Hour 21ActionDVD
S.W.A.T. - Firefight1ActionDVD
Safe House1DramaDVD
Salem's Lot1HorrorDVD
San Andreas3Action3D Blu-Ray
Sanctum2Drama3D Blu-Ray
Santana - Live by Request1ConcertDVD
Saw II1HorrorDVD
Saw IV1HorrorDVD
Saw V1HorrorDVD
Saw VI1HorrorDVD
Saw VII1Horror3D Blu-Ray
Scanners1Science FictionDVD
Scary Movie 31ComedyDVD
School for Scoundrels1ComedyDVD
Scorpion - Season 16Television SeriesDVD
Scorpion - Season 26Television SeriesDVD
Scorpion - Season 36Television SeriesDVD
Scream 21HorrorDVD
Secret Window1DramaDVD
Serenity1Science FictionDVD
Seven Days - Complete Season 14Television SeriesDVD
Seven Days - Complete Season 24Television SeriesDVD
Seven Days - Complete Season 34Television SeriesDVD
Seven Pounds1DramaDVD
Shallow Hal1ComedyDVD
Shanghai Knights1ComedyDVD
Shark Tale1ComedyDVD
Sherlock Holmes1DramaDVD
Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows1DramaDVD
Signs1Science FictionDVD
Silent Fall1DramaDVD
Silent Hill - Revelation3Horror3D Blu-Ray
Simon and Garfunkle - The Concert In Central Park1ConcertDVD
Simply Irresistible1RomanceDVD
Sin City - A Dame to Kill For4Fantasy3D Blu-Ray
Skin Walkers1HorrorDVD
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow1FantasyDVD
Skyline1Science FictionDVD
Sliders - Season 34Science FictionDVD
Sliders - Season 45Science FictionDVD
Sliders - Seasons 1 and 26Science FictionDVD
Smokey and the Bandit - Pursuit Pack (1, 2 and 3)1ComedyDVD
Snakes on a Plane1DramaDVD
Song of the South1ChildrenDVD
Sorority Row1HorrorDVD
Soul Survivors1HorrorDVD
Source Code1Science FictionDVD
Soylent Green1Science FictionDVD
Space Camp1ComedyDVD
Space Cowboys1Science FictionDVD
Spider-Man 22FantasyDVD
Spider-man 31FantasyDVD
Splice1Science FictionDVD
Stand By Me1DramaDVD
Star Trek - 20091Science FictionDVD
Star Trek - Beyond3Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Star Trek - Into Darkness3Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Star Trek - Nemesis1Science FictionDVD
Star Trek Original Motion Picture Collection - Blu-Ray7Science FictionBlu-Ray
Star Wars - Episode II2Science FictionDVD
Star Wars - Episode III2Science FictionDVD
Star Wars Trilogy - Episodes 4, 5 and 64Science FictionDVD
Stargate2Science FictionDVD
Starman1Science FictionDVD
Starship Troopers1Science FictionDVD
Starsky and Hutch1ComedyDVD
State of Play1DramaBlu-Ray
Static3Horror3D Blu-Ray
Stay Alive1HorrorDVD
Step Up - Revolution1Dance3D Blu-Ray
Step Up 3D3Dance3D Blu-Ray
Stranded1Science FictionDVD
Striking Distance1DramaDVD
Student Bodies1ComedyDVD
Sucker Punch1HorrorDVD
Summer Catch1ComedyDVD
Sunshine1Science FictionDVD
Super 82Science FictionBlu-Ray
Superman Returns1FantasyDVD
Supernatural - Season 14FantasyBlu-Ray
Supernatural - Season 26FantasyDVD
Supernatural - Season 35FantasyDVD
Supernatural - Season 46FantasyDVD
Supernatural - Season 56FantasyDVD
Supernatural - Season 66FantasyDVD
Supernatural - Season 76FantasyDVD
Supernatural - Season 86FantasyDVD
Supernatural - Season 96FantasyDVD
Swamp Tigers1DocumentaryDVD
Taken 31DramaDVD
Taken - The Mini-series5Science FictionDVD
Taking Lives1DramaDVD
Terminator - Salvation1Science FictionDVD
That Thing You Do2MusicDVD
The 5th Wave1Science FictionBlu-Ray
The Abyss2Science FictionDVD
The Adjustment Bureau1FantasyDVD
The Alamo1DramaDVD
The Amazing Spiderman3Fantasy3D Blu-Ray
The Amazing Spiderman 23Fantasy3D Blu-Ray
The Amazing Spiderman in 3D1Fantasy3D Blu-Rau
The American Folk Blues Festival Vol. 2 - 1962 to 19661DocumentaryDVD
The Andromeda Strain1Science FictionDVD
The Apparition1HorrorDVD
The Arrival1Science FictionDVD
The Arrival II1Science FictionDVD
The Astronaut Farmer1ComedyDVD
The Avengers - Age of Ultron2Science Fiction3d Blu-Ray
The Aviator (2004)2DramaDVD
The Bank Job7ActionDVD
The Beatles - Anthology5DocumentaryDVD
The Beatles - Chronology 11DocumentaryDVD
The Beatles - Chronology 21DocumentaryDVD
The Birds1DramaDVD
The Bourne Identity1ActionDVD
The Bourne Legacy1ActionDVD
The Bourne Supremacy1ActionDVD
The Bourne Ultimatum1ActionDVD
The Box1Science FictionDVD
The Brave One1DramaDVD
The Butterfly Effect1Science FictionDVD
The Cabin in the Woods1HorrorBlu-Ray
The Cave1Science FictionDVD
The Chronicles of Riddick1Science FictionDVD
The Colony1Science FictionDVD
The Core1Science FictionDVD
The Covenant1HorrorDVD
The Craft1Science FictionDVD
The Crazies1HorrorDVD
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button1FantasyDVD
The Dark Night1FantasyDVD
The Dark Night Rises1FantasyDVD
The Darkest Hour1Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
The DaVinci Code2DramaDVD
The Day After Tomorrow1Science FictionDVD
The Day The Earth Stood Still - 20091Science FictionDVD
The Deep1DramaDVD
The Descent1HorrorDVD
The Devil Wears Prada1ComedyDVD
The Diary Of Ellen Rimbauer1FantasyDVD
The Dukes of Hazzard- 20051ComedyDVD
The Equalizer1ActionDVD
The Exorcism Of Emily Rose1HorrorDVD
The Exorcist1HorrorDVD
The Exorcist III1HorrorDVD
The Expendables 21ActionDVD
The Eye7Science FictionDVD
The Family Stone1ComedyDVD
The Fast and The Furious1ActionDVD
The Fast and The Furious - Tokyo Drift1ActionDVD
The Fifth Commandment1ActionDVD
The Fifth Element1Science FictionDVD
The Fighter1DramaDVD
The Final Countdown1Science FictionDVD
The Final Cut1Science FictionDVD
The Fly1Science FictionBlu-Ray
The Fog (1979)1HorrorDVD
The Fog (2005)1HorrorDVD
The Forgotten1Science FictionDVD
The Fountain1FantasyDVD
The Fourth Kind1DramaDVD
The Frozen Ground1DramaDVD
The Fugitive1DramaDVD
The Girl Next Door1ComedyDVD
The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest1DramaBlu-Ray
The Girl Who Played With Fire1DramaBlu-Ray
The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo1DramaDVD
The Good Shepherd1DramaDVD
The Great Outdoors1ComedyDVD
The Greatest Game Ever Played1DramaDVD
The Green Hornet3Fantasy3D Blu-Ray
The Grey1AdventureDVD
The Grudge1HorrorDVD
The Grudge 21HorrorDVD
The Guardian1DramaDVD
The Hangover1ComedyDVD
The Happening1FantasyDVD
The Haunted Mansion1ComedyDVD
The Haunter1HorrorBlu-Ray
The Haunting1HorrorDVD
The Hills Have Eyes (2006)1HorrorDVD
The Hit List1DramaDVD
The Hitcher1HorrorDVD
The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey5Fantasy3D Blu-Ray
The Holiday1ComedyDVD
The Hunger1FantasyDVD
The Hunger Games1Science FictionDVD
The Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 11Science FictionDVD
The Illusionist1DramaDVD
The Incredible Hulk - 20081Science FictionDVD
The Initiation of Sarah1FantasyDVD
The International1ActionDVD
The Invasion1Science FictionDVD
The Island - 20051Science FictionDVD
The Italian Job1DramaDVD
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland1MusicDVD
The Karate Kid (2010)1DramaDVD
The Kennedys (2011)3Television SeriesDVD
The Killer Inside Me1DramaDVD
The Lake House1FantasyDVD
The Last Exorcism1HorrorDVD
The Last House on the Left - 20091HorrorDVD
The Last Samurai1DramaDVD
The Last Starfighter1Science FictionDVD
The League Of Extra-ordinary Gentlemen1FantasyDVD
The Legend of Bagger Vance1SportsDVD
The Life Aquatic1ComedyDVD
The Lincoln Lawyer1DramaDVD
The Lost World - Season 16Television SeriesDVD
The Manchurian Candidate1DramaDVD
The Martian2Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
The Matrix -11Science FictionDVD
The Matrix -2- Reloaded1Science FictionDVD
The Matrix -3- Revolutions1Science FictionDVD
The Mechanic (2010)1ActionDVD
The Messengers1HorrorDVD
The Missing1WesternDVD
The Mist1Science FictionDVD
The Mothman Prophecies1HorrorDVD
The Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor1FantasyDVD
The Mummy -1-2FantasyDVD
The Mummy -2- The Mummy Returns1FantasyDVD
The Natural1FantasyDVD
The New Daughter1HorrorDVD
The Next Three Days1ActionDVD
The Notebook1DramaDVD
The Number 231DramaDVD
The Omen1DramaDVD
The One1Martial ArtsDVD
The Order1DramaDVD
The Others1DramaDVD
The Pacifier1ComedyDVD
The Passion of The Christ1ReligiousDVD
The Philadelphia Experiment1Science FictionDVD
The Polar Express1Christmas3D Blu-Ray
The Polar Express1ChristmasDVD
The Poseiden Adventure1AdventureDVD
The Prestige1DramaDVD
The Princess Diaries1ComedyDVD
The Princess Diaries 21ComedyDVD
The Punisher1ActionDVD
The Pursuit of Happyness1DramaDVD
The Quiet1DramaDVD
The Reaping1DramaDVD
The Return1HorrorDVD
The Ring1HorrorDVD
The Ring II1HorrorDVD
The Rite1HorrorDVD
The Roommate1ThrillerDVD
The Ruins1HorrorDVD
The Scorpion King1FantasyDVD
The Seventh Sign1DramaDVD
The Shaft1HorrorDVD
The Shutter1Science FictionDVD
The Signal1Science FictionDVD
The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants1ComedyDVD
The Sixth Sense1DramaDVD
The Skeleton Key1Science FictionDVD
The Spirit1ActionDVD
The Stand2FantasyDVD
The Stepford Wives (2004)1FantasyDVD
The Strangers1HorrorDVD
The Sum of All Fears1DramaDVD
The Sweetest Thing1ComedyDVD
The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (2009)1DramaDVD
The Ten Commandments2ReligiousDVD
The Terminator1Science FictionDVD
The Terminator 21Science FictionDVD
The Terminator 32Science FictionDVD
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)1HorrorDVD
The Thing - 20101Science FictionDVD
The Time Machine1Science FictionDVD
The Time Traveler's Wife1Science FictionDVD
The Tortured1HorrorDVD
The Tuxedo1ActionDVD
The Ugly Truth1ComedyDVD
The Unborn1HorrorDVD
The Uninvited1HorrorDVD
The Unit - Season 14ActionDVD
The Unit - Season 26ActionDVD
The Village1DramaDVD
The Walk1DramaDVD
The War1DramaDVD
The Warriors1ActionDVD
The Wedding Crashers1ComedyDVD
The Wedding Date1ComedyDVD
The Wedding Planner1ComedyDVD
The Wicker Man (2006)1HorrorDVD
The Wizard of Oz1FantasyDVD
The Wizard of Oz2Fantasy3D Blu-Ray
The Wolfman1FantasyDVD
The X-Files - I Want to Believe1Science FictionDVD
The X-Files Movie - Fight the Future1Science FictionDVD
The X-Files Season 18Science FictionDVD
The X-Files Season 28Science FictionDVD
The X-Files Season 38Science FictionDVD
The X-Files Season 48Science FictionDVD
The X-Files Season 56Science FictionDVD
The X-Files Season 66Science FictionDVD
The X-Files Season 76Science FictionDVD
The X-Files Season 87Science FictionDVD
The X-Files Season 97Science FictionDVD
The X-Files: The Collector's Set55Science FictionBlu-Ray
They - Wes Craven Presents1HorrorDVD
They Live1Science FictionDVD
Tiger - The Authorized DVD Collection3GolfDVD
Time after Time1Science FictionDVD
Time Cop1Science FictionDVD
Time Cop 2 - The Berlin Decision1Science FictionDVD
Timeline1Science FictionDVD
Tin Cup1SportsDVD
Titanic 3D4Drama3D Blu-Ray
Todd Rundgren - The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect1DocumentaryDVD
Tomb Raider (2018)2FantasyBlu-Ray
Top Gun2DramaDVD
Top Gun 3D2Action3D Blu-Ray
Total Recall1Science FictionDVD
Total Recall 20121Science FictionDVD
Transformers1Science FictionDVD
Transformers - Dark of the Moon1Science FictionDVD
Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen1Science FictionDVD
Transformers - Age of Extinction4Science-Fiction3D Blu-Ray
Transporter 21ActionDVD
Transporter 31ActionDVD
Tron Legacy / Tron the Original Classic4Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
True Blood - Season 15FantasyBlu-Ray
True Blood - Season 25FantasyBlu-Ray
True Blood - Season 35FantasyBlu-Ray
True Blood - Season 45FantasyBlu-Ray
True Blood - Season 55FantasyBlu-Ray
True Grit (2011)1WesternDVD
Twilight 11FantasyDVD
Twilight 2 - New Moon1FantasyDVD
Twilight 3 - Eclipse1FantasyDVD
Twilight 4 - Breaking Dawn Pt. 11FantasyBlu-Ray
Twilight 4 - Breaking Dawn Pt. 22FantasyDVD
Ultimate Power Golf1InstructionalDVD
UltraViolet1Science FictionDVD
Unbreakable2Science FictionDVD
Under The Skin1Science FictionBlu-Ray
Underworld - Awakening - Blu-Ray 3D1Fantasy3D Blu-Ray
Underworld - Awakening - Blu-Ray 3D2Fantasy3D Blu-Ray
Underworld - Evolution1FantasyDVD
Underworld - Rise of the Lycans1FantasyDVD
Unleashed - Jet Li1Martial ArtsDVD
Up - 3D2Comedy3D Blu-Ray
Uptown Girls1ComedyDVD
V for Vendetta1FantasyDVD
Vacancy 2: The First Cut1HorrorDVD
Van Helsing1FantasyDVD
Vanilla Sky1DramaDVD
Vantage Point1DramaDVD
Walk the Line1DramaDVD
Walking Tall (2004)1DramaDVD
Wanted1Science FictionDVD
War1Martial Arts3D Blu-Ray
War For The Planet Of The Apes2Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
War Games1DramaDVD
War of the Worlds1Science FictionDVD
Watchmen1Science FictionDVD
What Lies Beneath1HorrorDVD
When a Stranger Calls1HorrorDVD
Where The Heart Is1DramaDVD
White Chicks1ComedyDVD
White Noise1Science FictionDVD
Whiteout1Science FictionDVD
Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory1ChildrenDVD
WitchBlade - The Complete Series7FantasyDVD
Without a Paddle1ComedyDVD
Wolf 1HorrorDVD
Wolf Creek1HorrorDVD
Wolverine4Fantasy3D Blu-Ray
Wonder Woman2Fantasy3D Blu-Ray
World War Z3Horror3D Blu-Ray
Wrath of the Titans 3D3Fantasy3D Blu-Ray
Wrong Turn1HorrorDVD
X-Men 1.52Science FictionDVD
X-Men 2 - X-Men United2Science FictionDVD
X-Men 3 - The Last Stand1Science FictionDVD
X-Men - Days of Future Past2Science Fiction3D Blu-Ray
X-Men Origins - Wolverine1FantasyDVD
Xtreme Distance Secrets1InstructionalDVD
XXX State of the Union1ActionDVD
You've Got Mail1RomanceDVD
Total Number of Discs (Includes Special Features Discs)1672  
Total Titles (Includes TV Series, Sets and Collections)1034