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Rick Weaver

All songs ©Rick Weaver unless otherwise noted

First Glance

Left to Right -  Gary, Mike, Clayton and Rick

Side One:

Down The Line

Hear Me Talking


Anyone's Guess

I Should Know You


No Choice

Side Two:

Following You

Evolve Revolve

You Don't Wanna Talk

Bring Down

Hit or Myth



Vision is:

Gary Lowe - Electric Bass, Vocals

Mike Davis - Drums, Vocals

Clayton Booth - Guitars, Vocals

Rick Weaver - Vocals

Special thanks to:


Brad Buxer - Piano, Synthesizer, Chamberlin

Wayne Holland - Piano, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals

Tim Forkes - Piano, Synthesizer


Recorded at Desert Sounds Recording, Inc.

Engineered by Sandy Lamont

Thanks to Bob Henschen for Sharing 'Visions'

Photography by John Hall

Artwork by Rick Unger

Logo designed by Maynard Fronda

Cover eye photography by Dorothy Koss

Eyeball - Rick Weaver

Mastered by John Bittner at The Talking Machine


All songs arranged and produced by VISION


Copyright 1981 by Titicaca Publishing (ASCAP)

except "I Should Know You" ©1979 Titicaca Publishing

and "Gamble" ©1978 Titicaca Publishing


Thank you Jon for your special guidance and encouragement



Copyright ©2003 Rick Weaver (except where noted).  All trademarks are property of their legal owner.