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Rick Weaver

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This Heart Of Mine

Verse 1:

When my daddy died I wondered had I been a good son?

Then I looked deep inside tryin' to find the things I'd left undone.

Had I ever told him how much I wanted to grow up and be just like him?

I wonder, did he understand this heart of mine.


Verse 2:

When I was sixteen I told him I wanted to play the guitar.

Well, he laughed at me and said, "Son, that foolishness won't take you too far."

But he couldn't hear the music playin' inside me each minute of the day.

He never really understood this heart of mine.



This heart of mine still hurts sometimes

when I think of the tears and the wasted years

just tryin' to find this heart of mine.


Verse 3:

But the Father above, He showed me a love that I had never known.

He sent His only Son to die on a cross that I might have a home.

So, one day I fell on my knees and I said Father, please I give You my life.

'Cause no one else can understand this heart of mine. 

Yes, only God can understand this heart of mine.


©2003 Rick Weaver