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Rick Weaver

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The Song Remains The Same


Verse 1:

Why can't I seem to tell you

the things I have inside

The feelings of unsureness

and desires I have to hide

I need to be rid of the love I have for you

The pain's too great for comfort and the days are slow and blue



Verse 2:

You hurt me with your evasion

and tire me with your delays

I can't put up with excuses

For I'm far more impatient than I care to say

Words are cheap reflections of thoughts we often feel

The things we can't be sure of and facts we can't reveal


Verse 3:

So keep your busy schedule

and appease your restless soul

Don't ever drop your carefree front

Or the emptiness may leave you cold

If freedom means that much to you and solitude's your gain

Then pleasure might be sacrificed still the song remains the same



©1977 Music: Rick Weaver, Lyrics: Marlene Turk