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Rick Weaver

All songs ©Rick Weaver unless otherwise noted

Moonshine Annie
I saw a white flag hanging on a dogwood tree
A little sign from my girl to me
Down by the creek behind the old saw mill
Moonshine Annie’s got a brand new still
The sheriff grabbed her the very next day
She called me up and what can I say
I put up my house just to post her bail
We were already running when we left that jail
Chorus 1:
I’m in love with Moonshine Annie
The best shiner in this whole county
The revenuers posted a ten grand bounty
When I ran away with Moonshine Annie - Hey, Hey....
Verse 2:
Got in the truck and we headed west
She only had this one request
A new name and a new town
A hideaway where we couldn’t be found
Came across an abandoned shack
Spring fed creek running out back
Copper pot from the old wood shed
She made a batch that could raise the dead
And the word spread
Chorus 2:
Now everybody loves Moonshine Annie
The best shiner in any old county
No one’s collected that ten grand bounty
And I'm still running with Moonshine Annie - Hey, Hey....
Sometimes at night we can hear the sound
Of the sirens wailing and we can’t slow down, down, down
Chorus 3:
That’s my life with Moonshine Annie
Just moving' from county to county
One step ahead of the revenuers bounty
Since I fell in love with Moonshine Annie Hey...
©2012 Rick Weaver and Gary Loyd