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Rick Weaver

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Face To Face

Verse 1:

With each passing day the hour draws near

when my Lord and Savior will appear

The trumpet will sound as He splits the eastern sky

and the Bride of Christ will rise




And when you look in His eyes don't be surprised

when He sees the you you've tried to hide

And when you stand face to face with the giver of grace

will He have to turn His head and cry?

Depart from Me now, I never knew you


Verse 2:

Now your time has come Jesus is waiting

just reach out and take His loving hand

You can be changed in the twinkling of an eye

and you'll never have to die




And then you'll look in His eyes there'll be no surprise

for you've lived a life you needn't hide

And then you'll stand face to face with the giver of grace

and Jesus will look at you and smile

Well done my faithful friend one enter My Kingdom.


©1988 Rick Weaver