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Rick Weaver

All songs ©Rick Weaver unless otherwise noted



Lead Vocal: Gary

Keyboards: Brad Buxer




Oh, Elyse there's a million things that go without saying.

Give me a moment just to relish the thought of everything there is about you.


I like to laugh. There's a lot of pain you hide behind that...

I feel as though your leaving this way has left me far too much to say.


Even when I asked you inside I knew that you'd be far away.

Elyse there's some things you hide.

But you can't keep them all in, you can't keep them all in that way.


Oh Elyse if you would only listen to reason, I'd give you lots of reasons to stay.

I'm needing you now more every day.


And I know that sometimes it's hard. You hate to leave your home this way.

Elyse we're never apart. I just can't stand to leave you.

Just can't stand to leave you this way.


Even if you don't look.

Even if you mind.

Even if you don't look.

Elyse, I'm making you mine


- Instrumental Break -


Oh, Elyse.

Oh, Elyse.

Oh, Elyse.

Oh, Elyse...

©1981 Lowe